Travelling without money in Istanbul

Serbia Travel Club turned their crazy idea into reality; and Travel House of Istanbul was open for all. John paid them for an overnight visit to the Turkish capital and reinvented how beautiful traveling could be. Serbia Travel Club, this year, established an impermanent base in Istanbul and named it as the Travel House which is actually a rented house at the heart of Istanbul. From 1st July to 1st September, Istanbul’s doors tend to open for all travelers. Staying in Travel House was free for all. The aim of the house is to offer a worldwide meet point for travelers across the world and thus take a small step in making a global travel culture.

Travel House’s idea came from Academy of Free Travels, a Russian organization and it was hit on by Anton Krotov, its founder. This is Serbia Travel Club’s very first experiment of this kind. If it really catches on, then this kind of Travel Houses will be arranged in various parts of the world each year.

Anton Krotov told that their free time is their most valued commodity. One can travel with a whole lot of money or even without money. If you have less money, the more time you required for traveling. In Travel House, people can really share their stories and experiences with each other, build a new travel culture and travel cheaply. Travel House is also utilized to exchange musical cultures as a lot of travelers bring their musical instruments with them.

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