SWFL girls documentary to premiere at the Naples Film Fest

Kendall Klein, now 14, is one of eleven girls from Southwest Florida who very recently visited Peru on what she terms as the best tour of her life. The bunch hiked the Maccu Picu and even spent some quality time with other Peruvian girls.
Klein stated that she did not think that the trek would be that challenging, she had no idea. And she did not anticipate that all the feelings that she had when she saw everything like all the poverty as well as the kids.
The trip and the trek is Wellfit Girls Challenge. Earlier this year, a leading news house was there when the girls trained physically and emotionally for their journey. And, people would soon see that journey on their television screen. A film crew shot their experiences from beginning to end. She told that the cameraman became their friends.
The name of the docu feature is Warrior One, and it is named after a yoga posture. Previous week, the organizers came to know that their movie would have its premiere screening in their own backyard at Naples International Film Festival.
Colby Robertson, the Project Coordinator, told that to be able to have the girls share their story to the community, you could not ask for anything else. The power of the trip, this program and how it really alter lives.

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