Postcard from Istanbul

Turkish capital Istanbul is very metropolitan and most importantly it is a real friendly place for English speaking travelers. Those who are interested in exploring Istanbul can take ten different tours. There was a friend of mine Jim, who went to Istanbul last year. He told me that he took two tours and he was mesmerized by the beauty of the beauty of the city.

At first, Jim was uncertain about the place; he was not sure whether it would be like Paris, London or Rome or a city which was not totally exposed to the western culture. When he arrived in Istanbul, he saw the Turkish capital offers a bit of both the worlds. Here you can get American fast food as well as pure Turk dish.

For a first time traveler cab would be the best option to tour the city. The clubs and local bars tend to be full during evening. What most visitors like about Istanbul is that the city has a unique combination of the flair of New York City along with the culture and history which can really be overwhelming. A short tour to the Spice Market can be a unique experience. The flea market is also fascinating and also arguably the best place to look for souvenirs.

This city has got different layers. Jim told me that is almost impossible to explore the city in just few days, but he told me that what he explored in just few days, would remain with him forever.

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