Istanbul selected as Europe's best travel destination

Istanbul, the capital of Turkry, is the best city to travel in the European continent, stated European globetrotters. The largest metropolis of the country has been selected as the European Best Destination in a recent poll conduced online by the European Consumers Choice, which one of the leading NGO in the continent, giving voice to the opinions of the consumers. The award was started in the year 2010 to allow travelers in Europe to vote on their most loved European place from a selection of twenty iconic cities. Lisbon, the capital of Portugal, received the 2nd place while Austria's imperial city Vienna, took the 3rd place.

This award has been welcomed by Hasan Arat, Istanbul's 2020 Olympic Games bid leader. He told that this prestigious award for the Turkey capital confirms the city's rapidly increasing popularity for foreign visitors. People want to come to this city, and they would love to host them in Istanbul. These figures show them that people from all over the world want Istanbul to 'Bridge Together' in 2020. The Turkey capital has attracted 838000 foreign visitors in the 1st quarter of 2013, which a decade record for this city.

German visitors topped the list of travelers to Istanbul, covering for ten percent of the total number of visitors in the city. the second place is taken by Russia. These figures have been published by the Culture and Tourism Directorate of Istanbul.

But Istanbul is not the only city in turkey with so much popularity. The country has ancient ruins, grand palaces and magnificent mosques.

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