Istanbul’s Santralistanbul ready to impress

Santralistanbul, the name itself appears like a remote, exotic and magical fantasyland. The beauty of this place can only be felt by heart alone and not on a guided tour. This place used to be a power plant, but now as one guidebook says it as a new art space.

Turkey, as we came to know, has metamorphosed what was the electrical power center for capital Istanbul from the year 1911 to 1983 into a huge artistic play space, providing power-plant scale and scope for good thoughts in visual arts as well as installations.

Santralistanbul, Turkey’s very 1st industrial archeology museum has its challenging mission which is to promote contemporary Turkish art while teaching visitors about the electric power’s production.

Compared to Tate Modern of London as an industrial house converted to a art gallery, this place includes a huge Museum of Energy – a main gallery that has place for several exhibitions, a separate space for theaters as well as 2 small buildings that was given designs for entertainment and food.

There are several places to see in Istanbul. Explore the old city of Istanbul and upscale Beyoglu, I decided to discover the city by going after a off - beat track and getting there was really a challenge as websites and guidebooks directions were sketchy. The public transportation system of the city is really good. Remember, Istanbul along with Santralistanbul is ready to impress you no matter you take an off-beat path or regular path.

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