The square in front of Istanbul's Yeni Camii mosque is bubbling with locals and holidaymakers. As people hike across walks and bridges, more walkers come out from near the Spice Market.

At the back runs the glossy blue waters of the Bosphorus River make the scenery even more vibrant. This is the spot for the opening scene of Skyfall, the 23rd chapter of the James Bond franchise. This is a rich, solid setting for the franchise's most complex film till date.

Apart from spying, gizmos, pretty women which are vital basics of the James Bond franchise, the core of the successful spy film chain is the breath taking locations. What makes the 22 existing Bond films interesting is that the locales are mind blowing.

In the year 1963, director of the film, Terrance Young brought vibrant and youthful Sean Connery to Istanbul for shooting a series for the film From Russia with Love. Similarly in the year 2012, the journeying ritual continues, for which the current Bond is brought to Istanbul for another look at Turkey's extensive city.

According to Sam Menes Istanbul is the most splendid place in the world. He told the Press on the day of his visit that Istanbul is an amazing city. The aim is to capture the charm of the country in both traditional and modern way. Istanbul is a city which is cultural and has its religious roots with vast culinary knowledge. Sam Mendes idea is to capture the original essence of Turkey.

Sam Mendes while planning the opening scene for the film thinks to take advantage of the varied locations of Turkey, which is surely a footstep in the right way. The scene will be a multi-layered one which will cover a run after with Bond and his new partner Eve will chase down the subtle Patrice.

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