European Union set to invest 60 million in Lithuania-Poland power connectivity

European Commission is backing the construction of electricity interlink between Lithuania and Poland with a #49 million ( 60 million) investment. The present project would concentrate on making a power transmitting line between Elk, a Polish city, as well as the Lithuania  Polish border in Polish regions of Warminsko-Mazurkie and Podlaskie.

This is the 5th major plan of the Lithuania - Poland power connection, which is anticipated to help in finishing the European energy market by incorporating Poland as well as the 3 Baltic States of Lithuania, Estonia and Latvia as well as improve power supply for the consumers, said the Commission.

European Union Commissioner for Regional Policy Johannes Hahn told that the issue of energy security and supply is vital for the European Union and they know how keenly it is felt, in particularly in countries like Poland and the Baltics States at this time. Projects such as this address the question of the reliance on external power exports and they are vital to ensure the fulfillment of the European single energy market.

The cash was rendered through European Regional and Development Fund. At present the commission is asking for bids for a share of # 611.5 million ( 750 million) for energy infrastructure programs throughout the European Union.

Meanwhile a Limerick man, earlier convicted of being a IRA member, has been allowed travel to Lithuania on a family vacation while expecting sentence by Special Criminal Court. Thomas McMahon, 32, pleaded guilty to being an illegal organizations member when he was caught with another person back in 2013s February.

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