Ecuador eco-tourism farm digs into volcanoes in the Andes

In the midst of trekkers and walkers can now join organized seven, four and three-night Mountain Guardians Lodge-to-Lodge Climbing and Trekking programs exploring the tops and underbellies of four volcanoes and diverse eco-systems in one of the most bio-diverse countries of the world, Ecuador.

The adventure at hearth of Ecuador's Avenue of Volcanoes in Andes was sprung up by the Ecuador ecotourism company named Tropic Ecological Adventures. Jascivan Carvalho told that Mountain Guardians is Tropic's desire to build up a sustainable tourism operation which incorporates local enterprisers into the concept of sustainable tourism development. Since the year 1994, Carvalho's company has worked to preserve the Amazon.

Recently, it expanded its ecotourism as a gear for conservation in Galapagos. Now they want to incorporate the Andes, a magnificent ecosystem, which has extreme value to the world and where all the fresh waters sources for Ecuador are born. Carvalho added that this region is also home of endangered and emblematic species like the Spectacle Bear and Andean Condor.

As of now an accessible and comfortable trekking program did not present there. For several years, climbing has been quite a luxury for just a select group of top mountaineers. The Ecuador government, back in May, declared that the Yasuni basin, which is an untouched corner of Amazon and also one of the biologically diverse regions on Earth, was open for exploitation.

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