A Brazilian town made up of women

If you are a single man, then you may want to think about going to Brazils Noiva do Cordeiro, a little town in the country, has a population made up of entirely women - and they have only made a charm for single men.
In the 1890s, the settlement was constituted by Maria Senhorinha de Lima after she ran away from her forced wedding. At present, this place is home to over six hundred ladies, most of them aged between twenty and thirty five.
Even though a little proportion of the ladies are married, their husbands are drove to work away from home and they are just allowed to come back on weekends. The kids are also sent away when they become 18.
A leading website has reported that one of the ladies stated that even though living on the settlements has its profits, it is almost impossible to look for a romantic partner. In this place, the only men single girls see are either married or related to them, everyone is a cousin. She has not kissed a man for a very long time. She also added that they all dream of falling in love and tie the knot one day. But, they love this place and do not want to leave this place to look for a husband.
If you are planning to travel this place, then you must know they you have live by their rules.

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